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Howto Start, Stop Services In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

root@loserkidzz-laptop:~# apt-cache search sysv-rc-conf

sysv-rc-conf – SysV init runlevel configuration tool for the terminal

root@loserkidzz-laptop:~# apt-get install sysv-rc-conf

Reading package lists… Done

Building dependency tree

Reading state information… Done

The following extra packages will be installed:

libcurses-perl libcurses-ui-perl

The following NEW packages will be installed:

libcurses-perl libcurses-ui-perl sysv-rc-conf

0 upgraded, 3 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

Need to get 399kB of archives.

After this operation, 1,446kB of additional disk space will be used.

Do you want to continue [Y/n]? Y

Get:1 http://id.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe libcurses-perl 1.28-1 [132kB]

Get:2 http://id.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe libcurses-ui-perl 0.9607-1 [243kB]

Get:3 http://id.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ lucid/universe sysv-rc-conf 0.99-6 [24.2kB]

Fetched 399kB in 3s (115kB/s)

Selecting previously deselected package libcurses-perl.

(Reading database … 195685 files and directories currently installed.)

Unpacking libcurses-perl (from …/libcurses-perl_1.28-1_i386.deb) …

Selecting previously deselected package libcurses-ui-perl.

Unpacking libcurses-ui-perl (from …/libcurses-ui-perl_0.9607-1_all.deb) …

Selecting previously deselected package sysv-rc-conf.

Unpacking sysv-rc-conf (from …/sysv-rc-conf_0.99-6_all.deb) …

Processing triggers for man-db …

Setting up libcurses-perl (1.28-1) …

Setting up libcurses-ui-perl (0.9607-1) …

Setting up sysv-rc-conf (0.99-6) …

root@loserkidzz-laptop:~# sysv-rc-conf

*how to use

space = toogle service on/off

– = stop service

+ = start service

q = quit and save the configuration